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I swore I would never write a book about computers

My two lives, coding and writing, had always been opposites: I did them at opposite hours of the day, on opposite days of the week, and they even used opposite halves of my brain. And I liked them being opposite! Programming was my “real” life, and writing was my “someday” life. And I spent so much time doing each, why would I ever want to let one bleed into the other?

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“Jewish Enough”

You would think that writing a book based on your own identity would be easy, but you would be wrong.In my newly-announced sophomore book, RECIPE FOR DISASTER, twelve-year-old Hannah Malfa-Adler is Jew...ish.Just like me.Just like me, Hannah’s mom was raised Jewish...

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It’s kind of a funny feeling to see someone else’s rendition of characters that have, up until recently, existed solely in my head. On the one hand, they’re never going to look exactly how I pictured them, but on the other hand, for the first time… they’re real. They aren’t figments of my imagination anymore, and starting today, Emmy and Abigail out in the big wide world.

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New Year, New Priorities

2018 has been the busiest year of my life.

In January I signed with my superstar agent, Kathleen Rushall, in May I switched to the UberEats team at work, in June I sold EMMY IN THE KEY OF CODE (HMH/Versify September 24, 2019), and in October I got married. Throughout the year I published over a dozen crossword puzzles, I began the research on a new book project that I finished drafting during NaNoWriMo, I expanded my freelance editorial/writing/speaking business, and just last week I hit my goal of reading fifty books before the new year.

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How I Got My Agent

My favorite book-world things to read that aren’t an actual books are How I Got My Agent stories. I love remembering that everyone’s road to publication is different, and that behind every shiny book deal is a story of years, if not decades, of rejection, anxiety, confusion, and a half dozen books that will never see the light of day.

This January will be my one-year anniversary of signing with my incredible agent, Kathleen Rushall. And while 2018 has been full of exciting book things that I’ve been working toward for a very, very long time, I want to take this moment at the end of the year to reflect on my own years of rejection, anxiety, confusion, and the books that will never see the light of day.

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