Thanks for coming to my website! My name is Aimee Lucido and I love everything to do with words: books, poems, crossword puzzles, and more. So poke around, read some of my words, and maybe even send me some of your own!

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Lucky Penny
coming this fall

Recipe for Disaster
available now

My Daughter Drank My Bones

For the past few months I’ve been dealing with a postpartum medical mystery. It’s been infuriating and debilitating and, at times, terrifying, but we’re finally getting a handle on it. Today, I was in good enough shape to write about it, so buckle up for a story.

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I swore I would never write a book about computers

My two lives, coding and writing, had always been opposites: I did them at opposite hours of the day, on opposite days of the week, and they even used opposite halves of my brain. And I liked them being opposite! Programming was my “real” life, and writing was my “someday” life. And I spent so much time doing each, why would I ever want to let one bleed into the other?

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